Artist Statement

Artist Statement

“To listen to a symphony one must situate oneself so that the diverse instruments blend. After that, one could enjoy dissecting the score, note by note. In the same way, in front of a divided picture, it will be advisable first to stand far enough to perceive the impression of the whole, then stop and come closer to study the play of coloured elements.” (Félix Fénéon, art critic, 1890).


I have always been interested in encapsulating personal observations of escapism in art that would usually be overlooked. Through painting and drawing I solidify moments of human emotion or expressions, to allow an audience to reflect on frozen fragments of time.

It is through my passionate relationship with music and the arts that I began to form an image that would express an encounter with a fictitious orchestra.


The Orchestra is a large oil painting on canvas, which I formed from amalgamating over a hundred photographs, preliminary pencil and I-Pad drawings of the Sheffield University Orchestras.

Drawing is central to my art practice; it is through drawing that one can form the technical basis to realising your imagination. Like many of my works, The Orchestra is constructed using the Flemish technique of painting – where many thin layers of paint build up to create the perception of depth and realism.


Within my art I aim to not only create beautiful images which are technically well executed, but with real poignancy and emotion.


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