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Luke Braddock Exhibition


[17/02/2014]: The Orchestra was donated to The University of Sheffield, Firth Court.

The University of Sheffield, Firth Court

The University of Sheffield, Firth Court

[18/12/2013]: Luke is currently working in his studio on new art work for a solo exhibition in 2014.

[05/12/2013]: Luke Braddock’s oil painting Jennifer is currently been exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London till the 21st December, 2013. Click Here.

[05/12/2013]: You can now read Luke Braddock’s latest article written in the Sheffield Telegraph. Click Here.

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New IPad Drawing, entilted The Conductor. Now been exhibited at Sheffield Hallam University, Owen Building, Level 4. 

The Conductor

IPad Drawing, 2013

                                                                                  by Luke Braddock

Luke Braddock (born Sheffield, 1992) is a Yorkshire based artist and Creative Art Practice undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently in his final year of university and previously studied at High Storrs Sixth Form (2008-2010).

Luke Braddock is a young emerging artist and musician. Within his art he aims to not only create beautiful images which are technically well executed, but with real poignancy and emotion. Although drawing is central to his work, he also encompasses painting and sculpture, mediums that allow him to create dynamic, expressive pieces.

Recent Art works exhibited at Sheffield Botanical Gardens included three pencil drawings. Luke Braddock won 3rd Prize for the celebrity portrait competition at Sheffield Art in the Gardens for his image of Monique Gladding.

He is currently in the process of creating a large orchestral oil painting based upon his recent reflective studies of Sheffield University Wind Orchestra; which will be exhibited during his final degree show in June 2013.

[10/03/2012]: Operam VI Exhibition: Open to the public – Tuesday, 20th March 2012 until Saturday, 24th December 2012

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[02/12/2011]: Spectrum Original Art Shop Open – Thursday, 8 December 2011 at 09:00 until Saturday, 10th December 2011 at 18:00

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Current Art Project Below:

‘Marching to Mars’

As an artist I have always been interested in human observation and behavior.

Last year, I found myself capturing drawings of everyday people that I came into contact with. I was searching my environment for people lost in their own personal here and now, capturing those small intricate moments, which we might not normally take notice of, moments which we would normally pass by.

I am currently working on the idea of taking these people from their everyday setting and experimenting with the space around them, creating an imaginative world, a place where the observer may step into and relate, a place of tranquility and personal escapism. I feel it is important to push the boundaries of my thinking, by experimenting with my initial ideas.

‘Marching to Mars’ was an idea, which was originally a drawing of four Salvation Army figures marching across Cemetery Road, Sheffield. My idea to place the figures in a mysterious, dreamlike space, this was inspired by several factors: a BBC Documentary about space (which contained computer generated imagery of planets across our solar system); and a song called ‘Moving to Mars’, by Coldplay. These two factors then linked to the ideas around Philosophy. One of Greek philosopher Plato’s most famous theories was that, “The objects we perceive are not the ultimate reality, but more like a shadow of reality”. He believed that it was possible that everything we see and touch is just a creation of the mind, and that we may be in a dreamlike world. These interesting ideologies all sparked the creation of my idea ‘Marching to Mars’.

To push my idea further I decided to create a sculpture, which will be cast in Bronze, of the ‘Marching to Mars’ figures. My rational around this was to create a three-dimensional object, to not only experiment with a completely different process, but to bring my work to life further.